We have the NEW AKC weave poles!

24" Competition Weaves (12) Colored Polesign="right">$350.00
24" Competition Weaves (6) Colored Poles $175.00
24" 2x2 Weaves (12) Colored Poles $350.00
24" 2x2 Weaves set of (6) Colored Poles $175.00
24" Channel Weaves (12)
[Comes with Solid Color Weaves]
Colored Replacement Poles (12) $75.00

Bases come in 2 sets of six. Each set is made out of metal and hinged in the middle so they are easier to move and store. Poles are made out of PVC and there are many colors of tape to pick from. Bases are available in green and white.

Guide Wires (10) for $85.00Guide Wires (10) for $85.00

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